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Alors que notre nom change officiellement d'IDT911 à CyberScout, nous continuons à viser l'excellence dans nos services de protection de l'identité et des données, pour vous et vos clients - des mesures proactives à larésolution complète, en passant par l'education. APPRENEZ-EN PLUS

Conseils pour protéger votre organisation

  • 1

    Keep cameras on all devices covered.

  • 2

    File taxes early to avoid tax-related scams and identity theft.

  • 3

    Hang-up on robocalls, and add your phone number to the National Do Not Call Registry.

  • 4

    Regularly monitor your financial accounts and credit report for suspicious activity.

  • 5

    Lock down privacy settings on social media accounts and limit use of third-party apps.

  • 6

    Steer clear of phishing scams by watching for communications from unknown or untrusted senders.

  • 7

    Install and regularly update adequate security software on all electronic devices.

  • 8

    Employ strong usernames and passwords, especially when conducting financial business online.

  • 9

    Avoid online shopping scams by comparing pricing for deals that are too good to be true.

  • 10

    Never carry your Social Security card in a purse or wallet. Leave it in a secure place at home.